Who is Professor Humboldt?

Professor Victor Van Humboldt is renowned as a 19th Century historian, inventor and adventurer. He believed that in the pursuit of knowledge, we must build on the deeds and discoveries of the great minds that came before us to reach a higher level of understanding. A belief that was summed up in his personal mantra “Standing on the shoulders of giants”.Whilst travelling the 7 continents he amassed an impressive collection of artefacts.

Although respected by his peers, the work of Professor Humboldt went largely unnoticed in his lifetime and he was mostly forgotten following his mysterious disappearance in 1859. In 1856, perhaps due to a desire to be remembered, or a fear of being forgotten, Professor Humboldt commissioned the building of a museum to house his greatest discoveries. Sadly he never got to see the building completed.

Now, 163 years later, the ‘Chamber Of Time’ museum is to open to the public for the first time. Inside you will find artefacts from across the globe, dating back to times where history becomes shrouded in myth.

Professor Humboldt’s unique understanding of history allowed him to separate fact from fiction and create accounts so detailed many joked that the man must have been there himself.

And maybe he was…

Travel back in time and experience the magic of the Druids, the Visionary Vikings and find the lost legion of Roman Britain. Fun for all the family and an educational adventure for all.