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“We have seen many studies that conclude the positive effects of creative learning within the arts. From building confidence, team work, communication skills and allowing an expansion of a child’s imagination to filter into all problems solving skills across the national curriculum.

But how do you use creative teaching to develop a more creative learner in a subject such as History, which they may not initially feel they can thrive in?

As a student with dyslexia I often felt shut out from ‘core’ educational subjects at school, meaning I struggled just learning facts and dates and being able to remember them. As a creative learner I needed to live the story of the people I was learning about and to have an emotional memory of the information that was being presented.

At Professor Humboldt’s: Chamber of Time we have used the format of immersive theatre to help bridge this gap. We do this by putting the children in the environment of the time, using 360 sets, special effects and live actors. The children, as the audience, are also be asked to join in and be part of the story. It is our belief, at Bifrost Entertainments, that if children get to see history come to life, and become history in an immersive setting, it will bring a new interpretation of what history can mean to the child. It’s often referred to as Edutainment for a very good reason. When students are so entertained and engaged, they don’t even realise that they are surrounded by historical facts in every element of the production.

Investing in creative teaching techniques will affect the whole of a student body, creating enthusiasm, identity and passion for history.”

Natasha – Performance Director, Bifrost Entertainments

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