Ancient Engineer Spotted at The Merrion Centre

Following our announcement, there have been reports of a mysterious engineer being spotted measuring up the Merrion Centre. Though this may seem fairly normal in the hustle and bustle of Leeds city centre, what’s odd is the engineers attire! Seen using a meterstick, string and rope to measure the Leeds Shopping centre, the curious man seemed to be of a different time, wearing a tunic straight out of Ancient Rome.

The peculiar character showed signs of utter disbelief as he wondered the centre inspecting the buildings materials and shopfront displays. He was also heard to be suggesting a number of new additions to the building including ‘more crimson-red’, ‘a lot more columns’ and for the car park to be turned into a ‘gladiatorial amphitheatre fit for the gods’.

Could this unusual visitation be related to the chamber of times? It certainly seems that way. We suggest keeping an eye out at the Merrion just in case any other time-travelling characters decide to make an appearance.